YCR Bootcamp: The Step-By-Step Program To Go From $0 to $10K+ A Month As A Solopreneur

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Are you tired of working hard without seeing the money in your bank account increase?

Have you been trying to make money online for a while but you just can't seem to ship? Or have you fallen into the trap of making the perfect product that nobody seems to want?

Imagine if you knew exactly what to do in order to increase your revenue and make 2022 your best year yet.

YRC Bootcamp (Youngling Research Cohort) is a 12-week Bootcamp designed to help you make more profit!

During our live weekly sessions, you and your cohort will be walked through a process that teaches you how to find and study an audience in order to craft a product that sells itself. Each week, you'll set goals and together we'll analyze and iterate on those so that at the end of YRC you've got a great product and an audience of hungry buyers!


Week 1: How to stop being your own worst enemy.

You will start with mindset. I know it seems woo-woo, but like it or not, entrepreneurship is mainly an inner game. Self-efficacy–confidence in your ability to control your behavior and motivation– is vital (Bandura, 1977, 1986, 1997). So is developing a professional attitude towards your work.

Week 2-3: An evidence-based methodology to change your life

In Harry Potter's universe, a wizard can make pretty much anything they want happen.

You wave your wand and you're muscular. You wave your wand and you're rich.

Well... there's a way to do this IRL as well. It's called Behavior Science.

There's ONLY one difference: it takes a bit of time. That's it.

There's a misconception that information alone leads to a change in behavior (information-action fallacy). Which is why so many people focus on teaching you information instead of helping you IMPLEMENT it!

In YRC, you'll learn and practice a precise methodology you can use in order to structurally change your behavior.

And guess what happens when you change your behavior over a long period of time? You get the RESULTS you want.

Week 4: How to choose an audience

In the past, you've probably made the mistake of making a product without knowing the audience. That's bad for two reasons: i. The product will suck, and ii. You don't know where should pitch it.

In week 4, you will learn how to pick an audience that you're going to serve, and how to narrow down your focus.

Doing so will make it easier to become an expert because you'll see the same problems over and over.

Week 5-6: The Detective and the Doctor methodology

Once you've identified an audience, you're going to learn how to find where they hang out online.

Why? So you can study them!

The first part of this digital ethnographic process is called the detective.

Just like a detective, we're going to analyze the clues at a murder scene.

We do this in order to find your audience's "clubhouse".

Week 7-8: The Detective and the Doctor methodology Part II

Once you've found your audience's clubhouse, you're going to shut up and listen. Study them like a scientist. We're looking for the things they're complaining about, the things they would really love, proof of buying behavior, and the exact language they use.

All this raw material is going to be used for your marketing.

Because of your research, you will know who your audience is, how to position yourself, what products to make, what pain points to address, what benefits it should have, at what price you should sell it, where to find the buyers, and what your sales page should say.

Week 9: Tribing Part I: How to establish expertise

In week 9, you're going to start creating content in your clubhouse.

This does several things:

- Establishes you as an expert. "Demonstrate you know what you're talking about by demonstrating you know what you're talking about."

- You'll start to capture a subset of the audience, your tribe, that resonates with your message.

- You can repurpose that content into "content marketing" which fills your top of funnel (TOFU) and introduces potential buyers to you.

Week 10: Tribing Part II: Fishing & Farming

Now that you've started to create content in your clubhouse (based on your research!) people are starting to notice you. We're going to get a subset of the tribe to sign up to your list. By using permission marketing, you'll now have a list of highly qualified leads that view you as an expert and have the problem you can solve.

You'll also start fishing. Doing warm and cold outreach to your specific audience using the positioning statement you've crafted by now.

Week 11-12: Creating a product & Pitching your list

In the last weeks, you'll be creating a product that you're going to pitch to your list.

If you already have a product, you'll use this opportunity to make your sales page sharp as a razor by implementing everything you've learned during the Detective & the Doctor portion.


Sundays you can book a Behavior Design session. This is a key part of the program.

You'll set goals for the month, make behavior designs to achieve those goals, and we'll analyze and iterate them.


Live lectures: Once a week for 1-2 hours. The exact times will be sorted out with the students depending on what works for everyone.

BD sessions: You can book a slot Sundays.

Also, replays available for those that can't make it.


I'll contact you to add you to Circle where you can watch the replays of lectures, get the links to the live Zoom lectures, and post your goals for the month.


YRC is designed for solopreneurs or small service businesses that want to ship a product or service but are stuck or that aren't making as much money as they'd like despite working hard.

If you've been at it for more than 6 months and are unhappy with your progress, The YRC Bootcamp will pay for itself.

Behavior science showed that behavior change starts with "I want" not "I should".

If you feel like you should do this, don't come. If you want to do this, (or even better, you need to), this program will pay for itself many times over.


  • Marketing Professionals. (Check out YRC Deep)
  • Venture-Backed Startups
  • Solopreneurs with a product that want to know how to "market" that. (YRC is the opposite of "build it, then figure out how to sell it.")
  • If you wanna take it easy, DO NOT join. While both YRC and YRC Deep respect the fact that you're busy running your business, this is NOT a program for dilettantes! Both programs are designed for 'Fucking Animals'.


Yup, click here.


Feel free to reach out at RJY@YounglingResearch.com or hit me up on Twitter @YounglingAndCo


*Rebranded since. Here's the correct link.

*Link to that essay.

"Before working together, I had no relationship whatsoever with RJ. I found him via his newsletter, which was one of the most clear-headed, insightful, and enjoyable that I have ever had the pleasure to stumble across. His work spoke for itself, which prompted me to reach out, and he was kind enough to share his skills. Highly recommended."

- Rob Fitzpatrick (The MOM Test)

"Hey RJ! Just dropping in to add my thanks and gratitude for your time with us. It was a pleasure working with you. Your comfort with execution and trying stuff live was super refreshing. Your work and ideas will have a lasting effect on Useful Books."

- Devin Hunt (Lyst & Venture Partner @ Seedcamp)

  • Get More & Better Customers
    with Research-First
  • Meet Peers
    Discuss what you learn with peers in the community
  • Make Actual Progress
    No more loading up on information. YRC Bootcamp helps you ACT!
  • Get More & Better Customerswith Research-First
  • Meet PeersDiscuss what you learn with peers in the community
  • Make Actual ProgressNo more loading up on information. YRC Bootcamp helps you ACT!


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YCR Bootcamp: The Step-By-Step Program To Go From $0 to $10K+ A Month As A Solopreneur

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